The Pedia Pals Mission

We aim to provide resources to support the wellness of the next generation. 

Children are precious to us at Pedia Pals and our mission is to provide resources to support the wellness of the next generation. Children in today’s world have a more difficult battle to face to maintain health and prevent disease than ever before. Environmental pollution, compromised food supply and increased stress put the current generation at greater risk for illness and chronic disease. More and more research suggests that stress alone can initiate disease and definitely prolong and prevent healing. It is this factor that Pedia Pals seeks to ameliorate.

Our small contribution to addressing this massive societal challenge is to create environments that alleviate fear and anxiety for young patients and their parents seeking healthcare, as well as provide holistic wellness education to parents and healthcare professionals alike. Ideally, illness should be prevented by lifestyle and nutrition, but many factors related to disease are outside of a parent’s control. If the child needs to see a doctor, Pedia Pals provides diagnostic tools and accessories that will put the child at ease by diverting their attention from their illness or pain to the fun and cheerful animal characters in the room.

Understanding that illness is not just physical but mental and emotional as well is important in treating the whole person. We strive to equip pediatricians who care about children with the best tools to make their patient visits and examinations more productive and improve patient/doctor communication so that diagnosis will be more accurate thereby facilitating the appropriate treatment. The positive experience improves the child’s chances of faster recovery.

2nd Jul 2018 Amanda Powell

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