Riester 1784.003 Ri-Medic® Clinical-Grade Blood Pressure Monitor

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  • Riester 1784.003 Ri-Medic® Clinical-Grade Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Riester 1784.003 Ri-Medic® Clinical-Grade Blood Pressure Monitor


Overview for Riester 1784.003 Ri-Medic® Clinical-Grade Blood Pressure Monitor

Riester Ri-Medic® Clinical-Grade Blood Pressure Monitor provides a truly efficient solution for most types of medical facilities. Exceptionally simple in use, fast and truly functional, this BP Monitor promotes greater patient outcome via reliable and fast PB readings of adult and pediatric patients. Several design variations promote user flexibility by offering mobile and wall-mount models.

Dependable BP Readings
This Riester Ri-Medic® BP Monitor is proven to be a world-class medical-grade device and is validated to British Hypertension Society, ESH and AAMI SP10 specifications for adults and children (from 3 year of age and older). Therefore, the Monitor features BHS (A/A), ESH, AAMI SP10:2002 accuracy and an auto-deflate rate that meets AHA recommendations.

Simple Operation 
The Monitor offers literary one touch operation process for the acquisition of BP measurement in automated or manual mode. It employs the oscillometric measurement method and displays systolic, diastolic, heart rate and MAP readings within 30 to 40 seconds. A large display with color, digital numbers ensures excellent visibility and simplicity of measurement readings. The manual SphygMode mode features manual inflate and auto-deflate with 3 mmHg/sec and allows to verify the automated readings without removing the cuff. For user convenience and to meet the individual requirements of different patient groups the Monitor comes in a set with one adult and one adult obese latex free cuffs.

Optional Tabletop Model 
The Monitor is available in a tabletop configuration that ensures superb portability. This design version features a very convenient, integrated carrying handle and a built-in storage basket on the reverse side of the unit. Moreover, as a portable model, the Tabletop Ri-Medic® BP Monitor is assembled with a high-capacity rechargeable battery. It ensures 200 measurements within a 12-hour period and features 8-12 charge time. The monitor weights easy-lift 4.85 lbs and has 7.1"W x 9.1"L x 9.8"H dimensions.

Optional Mobile Model 
The Mobile Ri-Medic® Monitor model comes in a sent with an outstanding mobile stand. This model is powered off an internal-battery with 200 measurements within a 12-hour period capacity. The stand itself features a highly durable construction that includes fibreglass base and chrome-plated pole. It provides a height adjustment option in a range from 29.5" to 47.2". The stand is very easy to move and maneuver due to the five low-profile casters.

Optional Wall-Mount Model 
The Wall-Mount Monitor model is another great design variation that is simple in assembly and comes in a set with high-quality accessories. This Monitor model is sold with a separate storage basket that will easily hold BP cuffs. A 110-240V AC, 50-60Hz, 0.6A mains power adapter is also included with the Monitor.

Select Your Riester Ri-Medic® Clinical-Grade Blood Pressure Monitor

All three Monitor design variations are available for purchase. For detailed information, please see below:

  • 1784.003 - Wall-Mount Ri-Medic® BP Monitor
  • 1780.003 - Tabletop Ri-Medic® BP Monitor
  • 1782.003 - Mobile Ri-Medic® BP Monitor

    Specifications for Riester 1784.003 Ri-Medic® Clinical-Grade Blood Pressure Monitor

    Type Digital
    Systolic? 60-270 mmHg
    Diastolic? 30-170 mmHg
    Pulse? 30-200 bpm
    Accuracy BHS (A/A), ESH, AAMI SP10:2002
    Type Arm
    Size Adult & Adult Obese
    Auto Inflate/Deflate? Yes/Yes
    Type Wall mount
      Mobile stand
    Computer/Printer Connectivity
    PC Link Option? Optional: Bluetooth® wireless EMR/EHR interface with management software
    Standards & Certifications
      BHS (A/A), ESH, AAMI SP10:2002
    Type Mains / Internal Rechargeable Battery
    Safe Operating Temperature 50°F to 104°F
    Storage Temperature -4°F to 131°F
    Cuff Latex free
    Dimensions & Weight
    Base 7.1"W x 9.1"L x 9.8"H
    Weight 4.85 lbs
      2 Years
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