Pedia Pals medical instruments offer the best in custom design and use. Whether you are looking for an effective reflex hammer, blood pressure kit, nasal syringe, stethoscope, otoscope or ophthalmoscope, Pedia Pals has what you need and more. Our Pediatric medical instruments come with accessories that make the pediatrician’s environment a place of healing and calm. For stethoscopes... we offer certified infant stethoscope covers that are both washable and safe for any age child. Just like the clothing you are wearing, yet friendly to the eyes of young children, these animal shaped stethoscope covers make all the difference in the world. With bright colors and shapes of cows, mice, tigers, lions, elephants, monkeys and dinosaurs you are sure to capture their imagination and attention!

For reflex hammers, the reflex hammer is weighted and designed in such a way that it is balanced and effective. Our hammers are custom molded into the shapes of giraffes and dinosaurs with a clip, so that you can easily take it with you for convenience sake.

Our Blood Pressure Kits are so effective in calming patients (see our page here) that they are frequently purchased in entire pediatric floors in Children’s Hospitals to ensure the same results are reached—accuracy due to keeping a patient calm in an often frightening environment.

The Nasal Syringes come in both Pink and Blue Elephant molds making it perfect for new mothers. Even though the infant may not be aware, everyone is just that much more relaxed when you use a Pedia Pals Pink or Blue “Elly” Elephant Nasal Syringe.

Even the otoscope comes with “Elly” the Elephant attachment and tips. When looking into the child’s ears, Elly can whisper in their ear—how much easier to get a child to “listen” while you explore the ear drum? We take every effort to capture the attention of this child so as to make it that much easier for you to do your job!

Manuel Mouse ophthalmoscope attachment provides an easy attention getter simply by having the child keep their eye on “Manuel.” With his big purple ears and attentive eyes, it’s not difficult to attract the wandering eyes of children to get them focused on the task at hand.

We hope you value Pedia Pals efforts to help you do your job and help families stay healthy! It takes a village and we hope to be part of that village with you in this endeavor!