Some Tips for a Stress-Free Visit to the Pediatrician

An important part of parenting is taking your child to the pediatrician. Apart from the inevitable sick visits, there will be regular well visits too. So, you will accompany your child to the doctor’s quite a lot. Many children find these visits very stressful, making it a daunting task for the parents too.

The environment at the pediatrician’s office plays a significant role in making the child feel at ease. For example, if the pediatric treatment table looks child-friendly and comforting rather than cold and scary, the child’s fears will diminish.

Can parents contribute to helping their children overcome the fear of visiting the doctor? Yes, they can. Here are a few tips every parent must know:

Adopt an Age-Appropriate Approach.

Your infant will not understand any details associated with a pediatrician visit, but they will experience stranger anxiety. Their anxiety will be aggravated if they sense you are stressed out too. So, stay calm; make sure your voice remains soothing and reassuring. That way, the baby will feel safe and secure.

Even though preschoolers like taking charge and doing things themselves, they can also get cautious and a little anxious around an unfamiliar face. To alleviate their fear, you should talk to them about doctor’s visits. Playing doctor will also familiarize them with it, increasing their comfort level.

Be Careful with Words.

Remember to choose your words very carefully. Instead of telling them, they have to go to the pediatrician, say that they get to visit the pediatrician. Children feel more comfortable when you tell them they will get to do something rather than being told they have to do something.

This goes for other routine activities as well, like taking a nap and cleaning their room.

Create a Positive Attitude.

Sit your child down, and explain how the goal of the pediatrician is to make them feel better when they are sick and to ensure they remain in the best of their health when they are well. Never associate the doctor’s visit with unpleasant experiences. Don’t joke about it by saying things like, “The doctor will give you a shot if you don’t behave.”

Do Some Research.

Your goal is to eliminate the fear related to doctor’s visits in your child. So, look for resources that discuss the topic. You can also consult your child’s pediatrician about how to calm your child down before, during, and after a trip to the clinic.

Final Words

Your child learns not just from your words but your actions as well. So, if you are afraid of needles, don’t let it show when at the clinic with your child for a checkup. The pediatrician ensures to create a welcoming environment for the child by using a child-friendly pediatric treatment table from Pedia Pals.

Both have the child’s best interest at heart!

20th Apr 2021

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