6HNT01 Colortable Medical Exam Table White Paper

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Best Medical Storage Exam Table for 2018

When planning for emergency use medical exam tables it is imperative to find the right table that will fit three major parameters: 

1) Functionality
2) Compact storage capability
3) Shipping capability and costs. 

1) The ColorTable is a simple box exam table complete with gas/spring lift mechanism for backrest movement of up to 75 degrees. The cushion is plush with rounded edges useful for examining infants and children, and the leg extension allows for a full 6’ adult examination. With a 500lb weight capacity the ColorTable is functional and strong. The ColorTable is also made of medical grade plastic which is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and offers a LifeTime Warranty. 

2) The ColorTable storage capability offers many advantages when planning for emergency preparedness needs. First, the medical grade plastic used prevents degradation of structure over time. With its anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties, the ColorTable simply maintains sterility and structure over long periods of storage. 

3) The ColorTable comes in two packages, one for the cushion top and the other with the box table itself. Although the cushion top has stacking limitations of 10/pallet, the box portion of the ColorTable has no such limitation. The cushion package is a minor 6” in height, while the ColorTable itself is a mere 4 inches. This reduction in packaging allows for a significant number of ColorTables when shipping via container or truckload. Furthermore, the stack ability of the ColorTable is unlimited. With compact packaging techniques the ColorTable boards stack one on top of the other thus providing a flat surface without damaging the structure nor limiting the amount of weight that can be placed on top of itself. This provides for a much reduced cost for both individual or bulk shipping. 
Individual shipping costs average less than $100 for both packages continental US and $500 to Europe/Worldwide. Bulk shipping costs are $1900 dedicated truck load continental US and $2900 for a 40’ container load ocean freight. When considering the pallet size is 31.5”x 62” a 40’ container can load 40 standard pallets with 10 complete ColorTable box and cushion on each pallet with 22 pallets per container. This is 220 complete ColorTables per container. Once unpackaged, the ColorTable is easy to assemble and only requires a Philips screw driver. Gas spring lift mechanism, nuts and bolts are in vacuum packed plastic to reduce/eliminate rust and erosion. 

After reviewing these three considerations the 6HNT01 ColorTable made by Health & Technology LLC is the best in 2018.  Assembly takes approximately 15-30 minutes. 

To order the 6HNT01 ColorTable visit http://shop.pediapals.com/colortable/

Check out the Product Brochure

17th Apr 2018 Jonathan Powell

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