Improve Pediatric Patient Care with
the Pedia Pals Experience

Best practices make the difference. A Pedia Pals environment helps to relax patients and parents. Our Pedia Pals instruments and accessories together with the right words improve pediatric patient care with quicker and easier examinations and procedures

We’ve been collecting healthcare best practices from our customers over the years, and will have a blog coming soon for sharing.

Here are some helpful hints from pediatric professionals for improving patient care with our special pediatric products:

Elly the Elephant Otoscope Attachment

We use Pedia Pals Elly the Elephant Otoscope Attachment to introduce patients to a new friend – not a cold, scary medical instrument. We tell patients: “My friend Elly just loves to whisper secrets. Can Elly whisper a secret in your ear? Great! Now you have to sit really still and be very quiet so you can hear what she's saying.”

We often then whisper a compliment, like “you’re a very good girl.”
It really works.

Jamaal Giraffe Reflex Hammer

When using Pedia Pals’ Jamaal Giraffe Reflex Hammer, let the patient become comfortable with the character. We tell patients that “Jamaal likes to be held and give kisses,” and then ask if they would like to hold Jamaal. Then explain that “Jamaal wants to give them a kiss on the knee,” and ask if they can show you where their knee is. When a patient points out his/her knee, we reassure with comments like: “That's right. Jamaal thinks you're really smart!” Now, when Jamaal gives our patient a ‘kiss on the knee,’ it tickles. The result is that we can test reflexes more quickly while comforting our patients.

Benjamin Bear Blood Pressure Kit

A Benjamin Bear Blood Pressure Kit relaxes our patients by transforming a blood pressure cuff and bulb into a new friend. We explain: "This is Benjamin, and he likes to give cuddly bear hugs. I'm going to put this around your arm and hand you this little bear (the bulb). Now, if you give the little bear a hug, you'll feel Benjamin hug you right back." Because patients are engaged in the procedure, they don’t pay as much attention to the pressure. We get more accurate readings as well.

Retractamals ID and Security Badges

"Because the Retractamals ID holder is cute for one, and stronger than most other ID holders. We can not only put our badges, our unit key and our mini scissors on it, but we have not had to replace the holder every couple of months.”

Cleaning tips:

Pedia Pals Exam Tables, Instruments, and Accessories are designed and manufactured to be easily cleaned and sanitized. Pedia Pals recommends the use of isopropyl alcohol, Lysol™ spray, or antibacterial germicide soap to clean Instruments or Accessories.

Exam tables should be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, or germicidal soap. Do not use acetone on exam table surfaces.

Cushions: See Cleaning Instructions Here

Stethoscope covers may be machine washed and dried. Between uses, apply Lysol spray or germicidal foam on the face of the covers or other accessories. This helps reduce the spread of germs.